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lagom om

What is lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish word which means not too little, not too much, just right. It is applied to everything; temperature, size, feelings... it’s not being in the excess one way or the other. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for you.

And one way to achieve it, is through selfcare with yoga and meditation. So, is it really a coincidence that the word OM is in lagOM ? OM is the sacred universal sound.

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Spring Yoga Retreat (May 2019)

"Tout était parfait. Merci pour ta belle organisation, ta gentillesse, ton accueil, ton investissement. Tout était étudié jusque dans les moindres détails. Je signe à deux mains pour la prochaine retraite."

Chantal, Brussels

Spring Yoga Retreat (May 2019)

"Ce fut un excellent week-end, très convivial, bon rythme d'activités, bonne ambiance et partage entre les participants. Les repas délicieux et équilibrés. Le yoga avec Julia parfait évidemment, l'atelier aromathérapie +++, le voyage sonore +++. Prête à recommencer ! J'ai apprécié le très bon accueil et l'attention qu'Anna et Julia avait pour chacun et chacune d'entre nous."

Martine, Brussels

Spring Yoga Retreat (May 2019)

"10/10 Very relaxing in a beautiful setting !"

Louisa, Ireland

New year resolution retreat (January 2019)

"Very nice welcome, well organised. We were well taken care of. I was very relaxed and I could focus on myself"

Nadia, Greece

New year resolution retreat (January 2019)

"Very well organised, good group, fantastic location. Loved the monastic aspect, the healthy food, the toned down atmosphere. Yoga with Rob and Ananda is always a big experience. Only regret, three days would be nice with more time for developing relations. Thanks."

Edith, Netherlands

New year resolution retreat (January 2019)

"Lovely to get away from everyday Brussels, morning yogas were wonderful, shiatsu workshop as well. Gongbath was a great surprise and it was interesting to learn about bowstring. Overall a successful weekend"

Hannele, Finland

New year resolution retreat (January 2019)

"It was perfect. Thank you"

Emily & Paul, UK

Chakras Yoga Workshop (December 2019)

"Merci pour l'organisation de la journée. C'était juste parfait. Vinciane"

Vinciane, Brussels

Chakra Yoga Workshop (December 2019)

"Merci encore pour cette belle journée. Yoga workshop : super comme d’habitude avec Ananda. Le fait de s’adresser successivement à chaque chakra au moyen des asanas les concrétise. Lieu: superbe et apaisant Lunch: détendu et agréable. Super lien entre les plats et les chakras (couleurs etc.). Merci pour les petites attentions comme le bracelet et le carnet !"

Helene, Amsterdam

Disconnect to Reconnect Greek Retreat (September 2020)

"J’ai pu apprécier le professionnalisme de l’organisatrice durant une retraite de yoga en Grèce sur une petite île paradisiaque du nom de Koufonisi. La professeur de yoga aussi était d’un grand professionnalisme . Un séjour 5 étoiles donc, qui vous entraine loin de tous soucis de la vie quotidienne. Mille fois MERCI....."

Chantal, Brussels

Disconnect to Reconnect Greek retreat (September 2020)

"Semaine de rêve et de ressourcement, nature, amitié, soleil et Yoga ! Top sélection de localisation, TKS to Anna et Lagom Balance ! A refaire très vite 🧐"

Fabienne, Brussels

Slow Christmas Workshop (December 2021)

"Je ne peux que conseiller à toutes et tous de participer aux événements de Lagom Balance ! Organisation parfaite, qualité de l'accueil, tout y est pour passer un moment inoubliable. J'ai hâte d'être à la "prochaine fois" ... Merci chère Anna ❤ de ce que tu fais !"

Barbara, Italy

Slow Christmas Workshop (December 2021)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Slow Christmas workshop organized by Anna. An amazing day of relaxation and good food. Everything was perfect: the classes, the lunch, the decor and even the cute little gift she surprised us with. Will definitely take part in the next Lagom Balance event. Thank you Anna!"

Alexandra, Sweden


About me and lagOM

Seven years ago, I discovered yoga and meditation in Tulum, Mexico. Almost by chance, when booking a vacation with a friend, and looking for more than just a pool and a nice beach. This first encounter changed me, the way I am, feel and act, in ways I would not have imagined. It was also the beginning of a new path.
My journey has led me to practice yoga with amazing teachers in different parts of the world and followed different courses like Internal Engineering from Sadhguru, Mindfulness Teacher Training and most special of all, Crystal Bowl Sound healing. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my learnings during my events.
I have chosen to work under the name LagOM Balance. Lagom is a Swedish word ( yes I am Swedish ☺️) which means just the right amount. It is all about the balance.
It is different for everyone, find out what works for you. You can maintain your high speed and busy life, just take little breaks now and again, pause, breathe and smile.
My retreats are all about self-care and finding your own balance. Taking care of others is easy for us, but taking care of ourselves is harder yet it is vital. The greatest lesson I have learned is that you cannot give from an empty well.
I partner with the best yoga and meditation teachers, with shiatsu practitioners, essential oil experts or crystal healers, I find beautiful, out of the ordinary locations and choose the healthy catering with care, to create a magical safe place where, together, we can reconnect with ourselves.

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At LagOM, we organize retreats so you can find the inner peace to handle your hectic life.

You don’t need to let go of your life, nor take drastic life changing decisions, just find ways and moments for yourself. Find your balance. Find Yin in a Yang world. Try LagOM living.

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